positive business transformation for the future of work

Clients come to us because they’re looking for a fresh approach.

They want to make the move from a “fail and fix” culture to strengths-led, positive working.

Founded by Dr Aarti Anhal in 2017, before nine is a team of senior business consultants, accredited coaches, and psychologists, each with 15+ years of experience. We have all worked in business, whether founding and scaling start-ups or advising FTSE companies.

Combining this with our expertise in Positive Organisational Psychology means that we have a unique understanding of how to help individuals, teams and organisations flourish, perform under pressure and embrace the future of work.

And we tailor our techniques to your people, culture, and systems.

Integrating the needs of your people with the strategic and operational realities faced by your organisation.

Promoting resilience, agility, innovation and sustainable performance.

Helping you to formulate your unique roadmap, execute in a way that puts your people at the core and deliver positive transformation with proven techniques.

Are you ready for the journey? Talk to us to see what's possible...

The team are doing great, very positive and showing real maturity about where we are and what we need to be doing. Surviving a situation like Covid-19 would have been a real struggle 4 or 5 years ago.