positive working ... transformational results

Here are just some examples of what you can achieve when you partner with before nine:

UK Parliament

Leadership development support for complex transformation programmes

before nine’s expert understanding of people and culture, both on a strategic and operational level, has added value in raising In-House Services & Estates (IHSE) leadership and people capability, resilience and effectiveness.

Since 2018 we have partnered with UK Parliament across two major departments. Our support has equipped leaders with resilient, agile capabilities to promote a positive transformation culture and move effectively through a complex strategic roadmap. We are now supporting a major hybrid working trial with a series of virtual workshops, webinars and videos for leaders, teams and staff.

Luton Airport

Positive Working – from BaU through crisis management and into flexible working

The last two years have been particularly hard, but the operations team have confidently navigated their way through with their decisiveness, sound risk-based decision making and, most importantly, their actions.

Our journey with Luton Airport began in 2018, continued throughout the pandemic and is now supporting their new flexible working model. Luton’s work with us has equipped them to respond to emerging challenges in a calm, positive and intelligent way, strengthen workplace wellbeing for the recovery journey ahead and recognise opportunities from new ways of working.

Imperial College

Supporting leaders, teams and people in envisaging and delivering a future of hybrid work

This is such a fantastic opportunity, we MUST get this new style of working up and running, after all, we are a futuristic, innovative university!

In 2021, Imperial College began a significant transition to a new hybrid working model. Via virtually delivered webinars, we are supporting leaders and staff in managing the transition positively. Content has included a deep-dive exploration of cultural considerations, hybrid working myths and principles, and strategic and operational capabilities for sustaining resilience, wellbeing, agility and optimal performance.

Heathrow Airport

Enabling a culture of empowerment, agility, and psychological safety to thrive post-pandemic

Aarti knows the subject area really well. Her understanding of the challenges the sector is facing definitely came through – which really helped the content resonate. I would like to see this course included in management training.

We delivered a series of ‘Skills Shots’ workshops to support staff, managers and leaders following the impact of Covid-19. Content included cognitive strategies for staff, behavioural strategies for managers and evidence-based strategies for leaders – designed to embed Positive Working as a driver for innovation and sustainable success.   

University of Sheffield

Promoting wellbeing and resilience during times of BaU, crisis, and change

After today’s session, I will make sure I explore and encourage colleagues’ strengths.

Before, during, and emerging from the pandemic, we have supported Incident Teams to sustain wellbeing and resilience, reflect, recover, and replenish after major incidents, and apply lessons learnt from the Covid response to future working. We are also delivering ongoing leadership coaching and workshops for the Sheffield: Leader Essentials programme.

West Berkshire Council

Sustaining Positive Working during major transformation throughout the pandemic and beyond

It was really good to hear simple things that can really help people with their resilience but also to know that employers, managers and colleagues all have a part to play.

Supporting citizens through a pandemic, plus a change of executive leadership, has meant significant change for staff and leaders across the council. Our series of virtually delivered workshops has provided a safe space for 225 staff and leaders to reflect on their experiences, explore resilience and wellbeing strategies and mindsets, and understand how to support themselves and colleagues moving forwards.

Wild Planet Trust

Unlocking optimal performance, mutual trust, and a growth mindset to support organisational transformation

At the end of our transformation journey, we want to be well positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the post-COVID world.

The Trust is delivering an organisational rebalance to deliver on its vision of ‘Helping Halt Species Decline’. Our ‘Be Your Best’ programme for 45 leaders and managers is supporting the journey with Positive Working strategies to unlock optimal performance, lead successful teams, build trust and embed a growth mindset into the organisational culture. This includes equipping managers with the coaching skills and tools to cultivate staff growth as part of daily working life.


Cultivating optimal performance across Incident Teams and developing future leaders

I wanted particularly to focus on my personal resilience and we did so in a challenging but supportive way which allowed me to take a new perspective and to focus on strategies I will and have used in the workplace.

Our coaching and training has enabled LSE’s incident leaders and teams – from the COO down - to acquire and build strategies and toolkits to maintain their own and others’ resilience and wellbeing during major incidents. We are also delivering 1:1 leadership coaching across Academic departments and Professional Services to develop current and future leaders, enabling them to deliver on the university's 2030 strategy.

St Stephen's School, Newham

Developing Positive Leadership capabilities to serve children and their communities for many years to come

Aarti’s approach to leadership coaching is authentic, focused and meaningful. The team has gone from strength to strength through the dedicated time and space to reflect, analyse and transform.

We are delivering ongoing 1:1 leadership coaching for the executive leadership team of The Times 2017 State Primary School of the Year. Our coaching is enabling leaders to reflect on experiences during the pandemic, and apply resilient, strengths-based and agile strategies and mindsets as the school looks to the future.