positive working ... transformational results

Here are just some examples of what you can achieve when you partner with before nine:

Luton Airport

Enhanced operational performance during BaU and emergencies

I believe what you do is invaluable and on another level to anything we have done historically and I want to extend it to the remainder of the leadership team.

Luton Airport’s vision is to be the best run airside operation in the world. Ambitious? Yes…but the core ingredients were there. Luton had the right people in the right places, but recognised that they didn’t necessarily have the right mindset.

Our coaching programme covered five key staff divisions and helped Luton’s people to:

  • Increase self-awareness and positive thinking.
  • Spot opportunities in adversity.
  • Reflect, problem solve and act in a consistent and structured way.
  • Manage challenges with resilience and perseverance.

We began working with Luton Airport in 2018. In 2020, events took an unexpected turn and the airport found itself managing the most challenging crisis they have ever faced…a global pandemic. It has been the biggest test of their resilience imaginable. Their work with us has equipped them to respond in a calm, robust and intelligent way, minimising negative fallout and sustaining performance for the recovery journey ahead.

UK Parliament

Leadership development support for complex transformation programmes

We need to be resilient to successfully overcome - and generate opportunities from – the inevitable challenges, changes and failures that emerge throughout a programme of this scope, scale and visibility.

The Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme is the largest, most complex renovation programme of any single building this country has known. Leaders needed to acquire a resilient, agile mindset to successfully deliver and support optimal performance.

We delivered positive psychology focused training to help leaders and project teams:

  • Manage negative, stressful and high intensity situations with a positive mindset.
  • Sustain high performance during both Business and Usual and crisis situations.
  • Problem solve with an agile and nimble approach.
  • Support staff’s wellbeing, resilience and ability to learn and grow in times of change, challenges and failure.

We are also working with a new MD, charged with delivering a complex transformational restructure. Using positive organisational psychology, our programme equipped the MD and Board to develop as a leadership team, promote a positive transformation culture, and move effectively through key activities on the strategic roadmap.


Cultivating wellbeing, resilience & performance across Incident Management Leaders and Teams

It is important for our incident teams and leaders to acquire tools & strategies for maintaining their resilience and performance under pressure.

LSE’s incident leaders and teams needed the opportunity to acquire and build strategies and toolkits to maintain their own resilience and wellbeing, as well as supporting other team members, during major incidents. We designed and delivered a training programme for the COO, Executives, Directors and Departmental heads, equipping them to:

  • Identify and manage natural stress responses in themselves and their people.
  • Adopt positive behavioural and thinking patterns in high-pressure scenarios.
  • Explore how information and ego biases might affect decision making during incidents and crises.
  • Support themselves and colleagues to maintain wellbeing, resilience and optimal performance.

We also delivered 1:1 leadership coaching to build personal resilience, communication and decision-making strategies at executive level, using lessons learnt from a crisis response situation.