positive team development

Do you want your teams to be well, work well and thrive in pursuit of a shared vision, purpose and goals?

Our Positive Working approach to Team Development helps your team members access inner resources and develop practical strategies to flourish, create positive working practices and deliver successful outcomes across team projects and activities.


team development

Through a tailored programme of interactive workshops, teams acquire and practise the skills, resources and strategies proven to promote positive team practices and outcomes.

We help the team consider how the current team environment, workplace conditions and covid19 legacy helps or hinders team members’ ability to remain well, sustain resilience and perform at optimal levels. We also support the team in identifying the additional resources or support needed from across the organisation.

Team Resilience: positive behaviours to build team capability in navigating change or crisis

Team Strengths: amplifying team strengths to enable optimal performance

The Hybrid Team: establishing ways of working to enable optimal team performance in a hybrid environment


team coaching

Our highly interactive team coaching programmes facilitate cohesive learning and transformation for teams emerging from restructure, re-forming after crisis or implementing change initiatives.

To support the team’s objectives, we facilitate team coaching sessions, 1:1 coaching sessions with specific individuals (e.g. team leader) and support team meetings and events. Using a systemic lens, we focus the team not only on its own transformation but also on delivering value to internal and external stakeholders.

Team alignment on purpose and goals

Positive relationships

Enhanced ways of working

Measurable performance improvement