positive elearning for a changing world


before nine® online’s resilience foundation elearning course is available in two ways:

host before nine online via your own learning management system

Talk to us to arrange your license and we’ll transfer the complete SCORM file system – the most widely used on-demand learning technology available today – for you to install on to your organisation’s LMS.

license before nine online via our secure elearning platform

If you don’t have an internal learning management system, no problem! You can also access before nine online’s resilience elearning via our industry-leading platform, Svelte.

Your people will be able to access self-paced, on-demand learning from any desktop or mobile device.

The welcome page to the course will be co-branded to assure the learner they are accessing the approved content for your organisation.

resilience elearning technology you can positively trust

Whether you host before nine online’s courses via your own LMS, or license access on our platform, you’ll be using the most robust architecture for your digital security, your people’s on-demand learning experience, and your organisational peace of mind.

Svelte learning management platform

Trusted by more than 150 companies and 100,000 learners worldwide, and guaranteeing:
Delivery via SCORM: the most widely used eLearning technical standard available.

Intuitive, visual, and feature-rich functionality for a seamless, self-paced eLearning experience.

Fully responsive design for on-demand learning in a desktop or mobile environment.

Easy integration with Microsoft Teams, to enable post-learning follow-up in online workshops.

A robust, fully secure and GDPR compliant platform to protect your IT security and organisational data.