resilience elearning with a Positive Working perspective

before nine online's resilience foundation elearning is built with a Positive Working perspective and designed with the real world in mind

Resilience is a core offering in before nine’s systemic Positive Working approach.

Developed through the science of Positive Organisational Psychology.

Rooted in our extensive practical experience of business resilience, transformation and change.

before nine® online’s resilience foundation elearning introduces your people to practical strategies, tools and behaviours they can engage with on-demand to strengthen their ability to navigate challenge, change and adversity. 

Providing self-paced, on-demand elearning for the real world.

Delivered by your coach Dr Aarti Anhal in her trademark personable, plain-English style.  


 resilience foundation elearning: about the course

Our resilience foundation online course is easily accessible via your learning management system or before nine online's platform.

Each learner is guided through the foundations of understanding, exploring and applying their own self-created resilience ‘toolkit’.

Enabling a person-centred approach whilst creating the culture across your workforce to flex and thrive in a volatile and uncertain world.

Delivered via a set pathway of bite-sized, on-demand learning modules that form the foundations of a structured resilience roadmap.


resilience foundation elearning course content from before nine

Our on-demand resilience foundation course can be offered as a stand-alone digital training intervention,

Or combined with our comprehensive portfolio of virtual and face-to-face Positive Working support for people, teams and leaders,

Whichever approach you choose, we will work closely with you to ensure that your on-demand learning integrates meaningfully with other organisational wellbeing, learning and development initiatives for Positive Working.

Your on-demand course will be packed with the high-quality content and evidence-based strategies that before nine is known and trusted for.

It’s a modern, flexible, and inclusive way to make a positive difference to your people’s wellbeing and ability to sustain optimal performance through Positive Working – in good, challenging and changing times.