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positive working model

the future of work is positive

We all know that people are the key to performance.

Yet, organisations are still failing to recognise the strengths and opportunities their people bring. And the resources they need to adapt and achieve in these times of complexity.

Through our integrated, tailored approach, we enable your talent and your organisational capabilities to join forces.

We call it Positive Working – the science and practice of embedding optimal performance across your organisation.

What do we mean by optimal?

Sustainable performance, driven by the environment, conditions and resources that bring out the best in your people and systems.

Driving wellbeing, resilience, agility and innovation.

Turning even unexpected situations into rich opportunities.

Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

why before nine?

On a good day, before nine is a time of clarity, optimism and hope.

We help you and your people flourish through a systemic, strengths-based approach. 

In good, challenging and changing times.

Our expertise applies evidence-based positive organisational psychology to the business of strategy, resilience and transformation.

Our experience spans all industries and organisational functions.

We speak the language of psychology and business - fluently. And we speak your language, with clear, value-adding expertise, tailored to fit your vision, culture and goals.

Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

why positive psychology?

The 2020 pandemic has highlighted our extraordinary human ability to adapt and innovate at pace.

As we move into an uncertain future, these capabilities will be crucial to your organisation’s competitive edge.

But you can’t run at full throttle all the time. You need to refuel. And reflect.

Positive organisational psychology gives your people, teams and leaders the resources to recognise when to sprint, how to pace, and enables you to create the conditions in which they can do both.

Success is a continuous journey, not a finite goal...

Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

be well, work well, thrive together

None of us know what tomorrow holds – but that doesn’t mean you are powerless to prepare.

A pro-active journey towards Positive Working creates the conditions for human excellence and organisational success

Helping clients to increase employee engagement, strengthen operational performance and achieve positive outcomes.

In times of growth, in times of crisis, and everywhere in between.