unlocking sustainable organisational performance

Many consultancies and training providers will give you vanilla techniques that fail to address the most critical component of organisational success ...how to unlock the power in your people.

Now, more than ever, we need to reframe how we think about success – and at before nine, we do.

We draw on our collective experience as consultants, psychologists, and coaches to deliver an integrated approach to Positive Working -          the science and art of embedding optimal performance across your organisation.

Blending the science of thriving organisations with the science of thriving humans in the workplace.
And wrapping them around the business of organisational strategy-setting, delivering operations, resilience and transformation.

Why? Because, in today’s volatile environment, traditional business disciplines are no longer enough.

They look at the process and the framework – but not the most important ingredient: your people.

We engage with the whole picture.

Immersing ourselves in your culture, your environment, your unique challenges and growth opportunities.

Applying evidence-based techniques to align the strengths, talents and experiences of your people and organisation with your business systems, frameworks, and processes.

Delivering our services in the right format to fit your people’s working style and culture.

Equipping your people with the positive toolkits your business needs to flex and innovate in uncertain market conditions.

So that you deliver optimal performance – in good times, in tough times…all the time...