before nine® online: positive elearning has arrived!

 We all know that the pandemic has fundamentally evolved the way we work – with blended working now the norm, and many companies offering hybrid, remote and office-based options. But what does this mean for Learning and Development?

Well, it means that the classroom is no longer the primary L&D location. Now, eLearning is an essential part of any equitable and inclusive development pathway. That’s why we’ve launched before nine® online – on-demand learning for a Positive Working approach, available to host internally or via our eLearning platform.

We’re launching with our most popular resilience foundation course – offering learners a self-paced, modular online learning pathway to personal and professional resilience. And we’ll be adding more courses and modules to our eLearning portfolio in the near future!

Explore the Resilience Foundation Course.

Where does on-demand learning fit into Learning and Development?

Our clients are consistently proving the benefits of Positive Working. Their journey with before nine has equipped them to drive positivity, resilience and agility for sustained optimal working in complex, challenging and changing times.

 But not everyone is starting their L&D journey from the same baseline. Across every organisation, people sit at varying seniority levels, bring their own unique personal and professional experiences and perspectives to the table, and are often operating within different departmental cultures.

Plus, of course, today’s teams and their leaders are often not co-located – and that really matters. A customer service agent working from home, for example, will have very different time constraints and systems access to a middle manager operating from a central physical office. Yet, each of these people has a role to play in driving your organisation’s optimal performance, and each will benefit personally and professionally from developing a Positive Working toolkit.

Online learning facilitates an opportunity for all of your people to access the foundations of a Positive Working approach from anywhere, on any device, and at their own pace. And resilience is a great place for any learner to start their Positive Working journey.

It’s important, though, to ensure that on-demand learning is meaningful, purposeful and forms part of a systemic approach to promoting optimal working. Not a tick-box exercise!

So, we work in partnership with every client to design the right positive development journey for their environment and people.

What might that look like? A starting solution for one organisation might be an enterprise-wide rollout of resilience eLearning. For others, incorporating on-demand learning into a wider roadmap of virtual sessions, practical workshops and specialised, one to one coaching will be the right way forward. These decisions are important – so we’ll always take the time to get to know you and your organisation before offering impartial, expert advice and support in designing your people development pathway.

How to access before nine® online

Our eLearning is on SVELTE  – a market leading, on-demand learning management platform trusted by hundreds of organisations, and thousands of learners worldwide.

If your organisation has its own learning management system, you can license our on-demand learning content and we’ll provide the SCORM files to incorporate into your own systems.

If you don't have an integrated LMS, you can license access to before nine® online and we’ll provide your learners with easy, multi-device login access to start their Positive Working journey.

We always work in a spirit of partnership – so if you are interested in exploring our eLearning, or any of our Positive Working solutions, just talk to us and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can help your organisation.